Connecting Bugflow with GitLab

Bugflow has a native, two-way sync with GitLab -- giving you an incredibly responsive experience between your product and GitLab. You'll be up and running in no-time!

Create a user that will be dedicated for managing Bugflow on your GitLab instance

Create a dedicated GitLab user for Bugflow

Create a user:

  1. Set any username you’d like
  2. Access level: Regular
  3. External: ✅ Have this checked

Impersonate that user

You can find this by clicking on the user.

Impersonate a user in GitLab

Go to “Preferences” on the dedicated Bugflow account

User preferences for your Bugflow account

Click “Applications” on the left

GitLab Applications

Enter the following application settings



Redirect URI

Check the following items

  •  Confidential
  •  Expire access tokens
  •  API

Suggested: Disable email notifications on your dedicated Bugflow account

Notification Levels