Connecting Bugflow with GitHub

Bugflow has a native, two-way sync with GitHub -- giving you an incredibly responsive experience between your product and GitHub. You'll be up and running in no-time!

Authenticate with GitHub

Bugflow has a Bugflow GitHub App that can connect to your public or private repository.

First thing you will want do do is open the project that you want to add the GitHub integration with.

Connect Bugflow to GitHub

Press “Connect Bugflow through GitHub”.

Choose where you’d like to connect your account

Authenticate the Bugflow GitHub App

You can link the Bugflow app to your:

  1. Personal Account
  2. Organization (recommended if you’re working with others)

Set your repository access

Configure if you want Bugflow to have access to all of your repositories or just some of them.

Set repository access

Choose your repository from Bugflow

Once you install the GitHub app on your repository, you should be able to find it from the Bugflow configuration screen.

Choose the repository to connect

Invite Team Members

Invite any team members that you would like to also connect their GitHub account to report bugs. To understand the different permissions offered, check out Team & User Permissions

Invite team members

Start Reporting Feedback

Now you’re ready to start recording feedback with Bugflow 🥳

Check out this guide on the options you have for submitting your first feedback: Collecting Feedback with Bugflow