Visual Website Feedback & Bug Reporting Tool

Making Feedback Better for Everyone

No more back and forth emails with clients. Bugflow helps you collect and manage feedback so you can ship the right products, faster.

Get feedback just the way you like it

Use feedback templates to streamline your process. No more lengthy, unstructured emails or screenshare videos.

Customizable templates for bug and feedback reporting within Bugflow

Send feedback to the right place

Bugflow's flexible workflows allow you to automate your workflow within minutes. Use advanced logic to ensure feedback is being routed to the correct place.

Bugflow flexible workflows

Feedback that goes both ways

Bugflow integrates with the tools you already use for project management so you can keep everything in sync.

Works on all browsers

Bugflow works with all modern browsers, so anyone can submit feedback easily.

Available browsers to use Bugflow with

Integrates with the tools you already use

Bugflow plays nicely with the project management and support tools you already use.

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Create issues directly into GitHub. Manage the assignee and status instantly.

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Create issues directly into Gitlab. Manage the assignee and status instantly.


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