Adding a project

Teams can have as many projects as they'd like. Here's how you can get up and running with your very first Bugflow project.

Add A Project to Bugfow

Set a project name

Set a project name in Bugflow In the example above, we're adding a project called "Beats By Dre", which has many environments -- one for production and one for development.

Project URLs

You’ll want to enter every project URL that you want to track on. This includes local development, staging, testing, production, etc.

Special notes:

  • No need to enter HTTP or HTTPS
  • Do not enter subdirectories (like
  • You will need to re-enter URLs for subdomains
  • Separate multiple URLs by a comma

Adding an integration

Once you add your project, you’ll want to add your integration.

Add an integration in Bugflow

Available integrations

See below for more information on connecting an integration: