Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are the most advanced way to interact with Bugflow. They are meant to be installed by users who are a part of a Bugflow project. A browser extension gives you the following features:

  • Ability to apply labels to a bug or feature request
  • Assign the feedback to another user on a project
  • Set the status and importance of the feedback
  • Add comments to the feedback
  • Upload any additional files to help solve the bug or communicate your idea.
  • Add the feedback to a specific milestone or GitHub project

Bugflow browser extension preview

Installing the Extensions

Browser extensions are available for free on each addon/extension marketplace.

Extension States

Once installed, you can determine the state of Bugflow based on the badge on the icon:

Not Signed In

Bugflow browser extension not signed in

Signed In, but not on a project url

Bugflow browser extension signed in, not on a project url

Signed In and ready to report

Bugflow browser extension signed in and ready to report

Signing In

To sign in, simply click on the icon to log into Bugflow. You’ll be redirected to our website where you can sign in normally.

No detected projects

If you see something like this, make sure your project has the URL set correctly in the settings. You can click the "refresh" icon in the lower right to re-sync the URLs after a change.

No detected projects in the Bugflow browser extension popup

Make sure this is configured correctly:Project URL configuration in Bugflow

Signed In & Ready To Report Bugs

When you’re signed in and ready to report bugs, you’ll see the status in the lower left. Bugflow browser extension popup when a URL is detected

Right Click Menu

You can also report bugs by right clicking on the web page. Screenshot of the right click menu provided by the Bugflow extension

Keyboard Shortcut

You can also press CTRL + SHIFT + B to record feedback as well.