Setting Priorities, Statuses, etc.

When you use the browser extension, you may see the option for setting the priority and the status of an item. You may need to map these fields to your project to have the labels appear.

Status and Priority

Mapping the Priority & Status fields - manually

Bugflow looks at the "labels" on your project to establish status and priority.

At anytime, you can look under your project settings to see what labels are set as a "tag", "status", or "priority".

Project Settings

Mapping the Priority & Status fields - automatically

If you want this mapping to happen automatically, you just need to create a label in GitHub or GitLab with the following prefix:

  1. Status: Status::*
  2. Priority: Priority::*

Make sure you add the two colons (::) and then add whatever you want the label to be after. The colons act as a separator and are following the GitLab label syntax.