Connect Your Integration Identity to Bugflow

An identity is a personal login (we call identities) that people use on their integration. For example, you may have a GitHub organization, but you also have a GitHub account for your own use.Our goal is to get your GitHub username (and all your teammates GitHub accounts) connected to Bugflow as well.

Connected Identities

Why connect identities?

Connecting your identities gives you a ton of advantages:

  • Bugflow can act on your personal behalf
  • Since Bugflow can use your personal identity, your notifications will match your personal preferences within the integration
  • People can assign issues directly to you via the feedback widget (if the reporter is another team member)

The process

How Bugflow connects Integration Identities

Bugflow will use an identity if it has one. If an identity is connected


Sometimes you may need to reconnect your identity. In most cases, Bugflow will automatically email you. In other cases, you can disconnect/connect identities here: