Maker Stories · June 3rd, 2022

Why we're building Bugflow

Jay Rogers@jaydrogers

Building a SaaS product is tough. We all live in a world of instant social mediums that only showcase the successes of people. In reality, these intangible hearts and retweets will never quantify the actual effort of building a successful software product.

Everything is always 10 times harder than you think it will be and the true rewards aren't until you're much further along on the journey.

I know I'm preaching to the choir. For most of us, the product we're currently working on today isn't our first attempt. We all know what that burnout feels like.

The sooner you can get feedback and the less time you spend in "bug fix hell", the happier you'll be to keep working on your product.

This is exactly why we built Bugflow. Bugflow automatically collects detailed visual feedback so you can quickly understand how you should improve your product.

Hi, we're Dan & Jay

My name is Jay Rogers, and I have the great pleasure of working with Dan Pastori.

Dan and I met as random college roommates in 2010 and started 521 Dimensions (a software consulting agency) in 2011.

Throughout our entire 10+ years at 521 Dimensions, we've stayed as a two person team building digital products that serve hundreds of thousands of users.

We've used the constraints of our small team to make our processes more creative.

Bugflow is everything we learned about efficient software development -- all combined into one product.

Bugflow isn't your average SaaS Product

Everything you see in Bugflow is completely organic.

This means we do not have features that some CFO picked because it "has margins" or "seems like the cool thing to do".

Every feature you see in Bugflow is designed around keeping your team small and moving fast as possible.

We understand what you need because we continue to use this product everyday on our other products.

Bugflow is our secret recipe that allows Dan and I to stay as a two person team, all while building Bugflow, writing a book, and working on other projects.

As we continue to use Bugflow everyday, we only come up with more ideas. Dan and I are passionate about open source development. We have some Bugflow features on the books that will help open source developers that's never been done before.

We're continuously improving Bugflow to make the development lifecycle easier for everyone.

Where Bugflow is heading from here

We've recently started working on Bugflow, but what we have so far is very polished. We've been using Bugflow internally for several months and our productivity has sky-rocketed.

Since we started using Bugflow:

  • Our productivity has increased dramatically
  • We no longer spend time copying and pasting things from one product to another (everything is centralized in GitLab for us)
  • Feedback items are much easier to convert to actionable bug fix items
  • The ability to reference original bug reports in pull requests is amazing 🤩

Right now we're focusing on polishing up our proof of concept even more and making sure our on-boarding experience is very smooth and easy to get started.

We're stoked to get our first group of users on in Summer of 2022.

Follow along as we're constantly shipping updates and will have our first batch of invites going out soon.

🚀 We're building in public

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    Jay Rogers