Using Bugflow as the Ultimate “Build-in-Public” tool

Dan Pastori@danpastori
Build in Public | September 14th, 2023

Building in public is hard. Not only do you have to make a quality product, you have to share updates, engage a community, handle customer feedback, squash bugs, and deal with feature requests. It’s a lot. Using Bugflow can help.

Invite Feedback From Your Users

If your project is behind closed doors or open to users that aren’t technically savvy, it’s hard to collect feedback and fix bugs. When using Bugflow, you can open a portal for all users to submit product feedback. Anyone using your product can submit feedback with all the information necessary to enable devs to quickly provide a solution resulting in better customer retention and happiness. From there, you can share your progress and journey with your audience, helping to promote your product.

Open Source? Even Better

Bugflow supports GitHub out of the box. According to the state of open source software there are over 94 million developers on GitHub. That’s a lot of potential eyes, and a lot of potential help. When a user submits an issue through Bugflow, it automatically gets synced to the repo. That means images, feedback, description, etc. From there, you can communicate with a fellow GitHub user or guest through Bugflow, showing your progress, thoughts and ideas to help your product gain traction and become as stable as possible.

Bringing Feedback Close to The Codebase

By bringing customer feedback right into the repo, devs can use the tools they are already familiar with to squash bugs and respond to customers. When building in public this is important. It shows transparency, speed of response, and attention to what the customer wants. As a matter of fact, we use Bugflow to build Bugflow. If you are using the app, feel free to submit your own feedback and we will address and fix it as soon as possible.

We are wrapping up our 1.1 release which directly relates to building in public. It allows you and a guest to comment back and forth on an issue with ease, using Bugflow as the medium of communication. They don’t even need an account! We can’t wait to launch this new feature and look forward to hearing your feedback.

🚀 We're building in public

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