February 1st, 2024


This release focuses entirely on our native browser extensions. We refactored our extension's code to be extremely stable, added the ability to switch between multiple projects that share the same URL and upload attachments.

Extension Refactor

Our browser extension is now entirely refactored to use the Vue 3 template provided in our book, Building Multi-platform Browser Extensions. This standardizes how our extension communicates, unleashes the power of Vue 3 for better UX, and sets the foundation for more efficient development. You should see a major performance increase using the extension now. Along with more stability in creating feedback and managing preferences.


Animation showing how attachments work

This was the big feature we included in this release. All feedback through our browser extensions now allow the user to upload additional attachments! These attachments get sent along to the feedback destination to help developers make improvements and fix bugs with all the data they need.

All file types are supported! Images and videos display natively in the create feedback modal. We really dialed in the user experience to support multiple file drag and drops and even pasting! Bugflow makes your QA team as efficient as possible.

Project Switcher

Project switcher for projects that share the same top level domain Sometimes you have multiple projects on the same top level domain. We added a simple project switcher that allows you to select which project you want to send feedback to.

This is a feature that we utilize heavily at ServerSideUp. We have nested sites off of our top level domain https://serversideup.net. For example, our Docker PHP images live at https://serversideup.net/open-source/docker-php. We can quickly select that project and all feedback during our session goes to that repository.

What's next in 1.3?

In Bugflow v1.3 we are going to implement email and HelpScout support! This will allow you to send all customer feedback directly to the email addresses you choose or into your HelpScout inbox making it extremely efficient for project managers at agencies to direct customer feedback.

Of course, if you have any questions or are looking forward to a feature, hit us up on X (Formerly Twitter) @getbugflow or email us at [email protected].

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