January 11th, 2024

We're continously improving Bugflow. Here's what we've been up to.

It's been awhile! After 4 months of work, 524 file changes, 199 new tests (511 new assertions), we are stoked to launch Bugflow 1.1! With this release, we are setting up the product for future success by focusing on product stability and proper app structure.

We also threw in a pretty sweet feature where you can maintain communication with guest users who have submitted feedback and bugs.


In order to make Bugflow the best user feedback platform available, it first has to be stable. With this release we fixed the following issues:

  • Project settings URLs weren't being updated
  • UI would get out of sync after adding a repo
  • Integrations could become invalidated preventing bugs from reaching their final destination

All these issues have been resolved, along with a few smaller UI tweaks. Most of the codebase was re-vamped and run through with a fine tooth comb, prepping the app for more ambitious endeavors.

Integration Structure

Besides stability improvements, we re-structured 100% of how our app communicates with integrations. This was the biggest weakspot of Bugflow. Integrations worked, but there were a lot of moving parts that got out of sync. All integrations are now revamped, stabilized, and new structure formed to quickly add first party integrations seamlessly. Expect a lot more Bugflow integrations coming at a high rate of speed!

Feedback Comments within Bugflow

Feed back comments

We are stoked to announce that you can comment right on feedback directly within Bugflow! You can quickly click on an individual bug within your project, view the bug, and leave a comment. Once you leave the comment, the comment will also be synced to an issue comment directly within the repo. This makes Bugflow extremely powerful when working in public, keeping all parties involved.

Oh, and it gets better! If you comment on an issue within the repo, it gets synced back to the individual Bug as well! What's even crazier, is this works with Guest submitted issues as well. The guest who submits an issue, will receive a URL that is securely signed that only they can access to stay in the loop on feedback. We are striving to make customer feedback as simple and painless as possible.

Automatic Milestone Syncing

A quick feature we threw in this release is automatic milestone syncing. Whenever you create a milestone on your repo, GitHub or GitLab, it gets synced to Bugflow automatically. This way you are instantly ready to report feedback to the right spot!

Massive Shout Out to Ash Allen and Sam Carré

Before we share what's coming in 1.2, I have to shout out the amazing work on Saloon by Sam Carré and the incredible book Consuming APIs in Laravel by Ash Allen.

The book goes through re-usuable patterns on how to consume and standardize API requests within Laravel using the Saloon package. One of the best books I've purchased and made the integration binding and usage within Bugflow a breeze. Give them a follow and support their work!

Coming in 1.2

We are going to launch a massive extension upgrade for Bugflow. We just launched our book, Building Multi-Platform Browser Extensions and came up with a simple framework to make extension development a breeze. Now it's time to bring the Bugflow extension up to the latest, greatest, and most stable! We are also going to allow for secure attachments to be sent with feedback from authenticated users.

If you want a specific integration added, have questions, or just want to follow the progress, hit us up on X (Formerly Twitter) @getbugflow or email us at [email protected].

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