September 7th, 2023


We are so excited to finally launch 1.0 of Bugflow to the public 🥳! It's been over a year in the making. At 521 Dimensions, we've been using Bugflow internally for awhile now and it's been a game changer for our agency. We've been able to collect feedback and solve bugs quicker than ever before. With each iteration we've been working on refining the process and building a solid foundation so we can scale Bugflow to be the best bug reporting tool available.

GitHub and Gitlab Support

Right away we wanted to support the largest repositories on the market, natively. Whether you are using GitHub or Gitlab to host your project, in either a public or private repo, you can use Bugflow natively to convert feedback directly to issues. We also allow for assigning, priorities, statuses, labels directly from the browser extension or automatically assigned through the guest reporting embed. Any status updates on the repository side will be reflected in Bugflow via webhooks.

Easy Onboarding

Getting started with Bugflow had to be as easy as possible. So, we've created a simple onboarding process that will get you up and running in no time. You simply log in, add your team, create your project and connect your repository and begin reporting bugs.

Subscription Management

Really love Bugflow and have a subscription? Managing it should be easy as pie! We've built a simple subscription management system that allows you to upgrade, downgrade, and cancel your subscription at any time. With our Stripe integration you can handle this all from your account page.

Bug fixes

We've fixed a lot of minor bugs and UI/UX tweaks in this release (and you can definitely bet that we reported them with Bugflow 😉). Hopefully you will notice an improvement in the overall usability and functionality of the app.

What's coming in 1.1?

Bugflow is just getting started. With our solid foundation, we can easily grow and scale. In 1.1, we are adding a more powerful bug listing screen that will all you to sort and view all bugs reported through Bugflow. We are also allowing you to respond to users and guests through an individal bug page and allow them to respond back, making communication a breeze.

If there are any features essential to your company that you would like to see in Bugflow, please reach out to us on Twitter @getbugflow or email us at [email protected].

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    Dan Pastori
    Jay Rogers