May 29th, 2023


With this release comes proprietary browser extensions for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We started with these two platforms to get our process down and will soon add Safari and Edge support. Along with a smooth user experience, we wanted to focus on scalability and security so we can quickly deploy and keep data safe.

Structured for Growth

A lot went into making these extensions. First, we structured these browser extensions with sustainability and code reuse-ability front and center. The entire extension is run off of a single code base which makes adding features a breeze. Write it once, and release to all platforms. Not only will this work with our existing extensions for Chrome and Firefox, but will work with Safari and Edge as well.

We also took the time and developed a CI/CD process that automatically signs and deploys these extensions to the app store. All we have to do is add a feature, fix a bug, enhance some UX and hit deploy. Having this highway paved drastically reduces the amount of friction necessary to maintain these extensions.

Bring Your Repo Directly to Your App

Our goal with Bugflow is to increase the speed of quality user reports, and reduce the time it takes for a developer to respond to an issue. To achieve this goal, we want to bring all the functionality of issue reporting directly to your web app through a browser extension. You will be able to assign bugs, labels, milestones, etc. right from the browser extension without leaving the tab you are on. This is extremely beneficial for those who are crunching away QA time. You get access to everything you need without switching tabs, cluttering your desktop with notes and screenshots. Just click, capture, report!

Bugflow Browser Extension bringing the power of your repo to the browser

Chrome and Firefox Supported Today

Right out of the box we have support for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, Safari and Edge will be right behind. We look forward to having users test our extensions and make sure it’s up to their expectations, then expanding into the other browsers.

What Does v0.9 Look Like?

Native support for GitHub’s new projects! We are super stoked to launch this in v0.9. We have been beta testing a few of the features already with our open source Docker PHP website, but looking forward to wrapping it up and releasing it. We loved how easy it was to report issues, assign to a GitHub project and really be able to work in public! We will be releasing more information on this soon, but if you want to get a sneak peak, check out our Docker PHP project!

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    Dan Pastori
    Jay Rogers