June 7th, 2022


Bugflow received a fresh, new look! We redesigned the brand to better clarify our message with the hard-working developers we strive to support.

We did more than putting a fresh coat of paint on things, we released a few more goodies.


We created a blog where we can share updates as we build Bugflow in public. Read our blog →

Expect more content to be added shortly. We will be diving deep into the open source technologies that power Bugflow, share how we keep our development process efficient, and a lot more!


Another area we wanted to be transparent with is our changelog. As we develop Bugflow in public, we created the Changelog section to highlight all the improvements and features that we continue to ship to Bugflow.

See the Changelog →

Coming up next

Now that we have a platform to share updates, expect our next focus to be the on-boarding process. With so many tools that we integrate with, we want to make a beautiful experience when getting started.

Can't wait to have the next updates out to you soon!

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    Dan Pastori
    Jay Rogers