June 3rd, 2022


As we roll out more of our internal applications to use Bugflow, we needed to allow guest reporting. Reducing the amount of steps to get customer feedback into our GitLab is essential to the success of Bugflow. The .4 release rolled out a few more features that make this a reality.

Guest Reporting

Whether you want a client to report an issue or an anonymous user of your app, we now support guest reporting. Guest reporting is essential to collecting that valuable customer feedback without giving the burden of requiring an account for a client, customer, or guest.

Oh, and you can disable guest reporting right in your project settings if you don’t need it!

One of the challenges we had with implementing this feature was answering the question “Who does the report come from when it hits your project management platform?” In our case, which user created the issue in GitLab? What we ended up doing was creating a “Bugflow Bot” that reports anonymous feedback. Don’t worry. We will provide a slick way to create this user through onboarding!

Pre-filled fields

Making efficient reporting possible requires less clicks, and less keyboard strokes. If a QA team member is reporting bugs and they report them to a development team member, they shouldn’t have to select the assignee, milestone, status, or priority every single time. Only when something changes.

We now pre-fill these values with what was initially selected so the user can efficiently report bugs and feedback!

Connecting to GitLab.com

Once we solidified our self-hosted GitLab, we moved onto GitLab.com in the cloud. Luckily their APIs are the same so this was a breeze! Bugflow now connects to both self-hosted and cloud hosted GitLab instances so you can use it on all of your GitLab based projects!

Bug Fixes

  • Activated Title Right Away - When reporting a bug, the instant the bug reporting modal is activated, we focus on the title so you can just start typing.
  • We hid the bug markers after the bug has been reported. Great for feed back, annoying for usability (right now 😉 ).

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    Dan Pastori
    Jay Rogers