June 3rd, 2022

We're continously improving Bugflow. Here's what we've been up to.

What we are really focusing on with the Bugflow app is the reduction of friction to report an issue. That means, we are doing everything in our power to make issue reporting as seamless and efficient as possible. Once Bugflow is installed, it should be ready to activate on all sites and apps. The 0.3 release continued to dial in the bug reporting process on the embed script.

Markup Screen

We are planning to provide for an efficient amount of tools the user can use to report a bug. By implementing the edit screen below, we can easily scale the amount of tools accessible for the user. We’ve implemented the bug location tool so the user can instantly mark in the screenshot where the bug is located on the screen.

We will be releasing other tools in the next couple releases.

Reporting Shortcut

Efficiency in bug/feedback reporting is at the core of what we are trying to accomplish. To make this a reality, we added a quick shortcut to jump right to the mark up screen. All you have to do is hold ctrl + shift + b on both Windows and OSX and you will get right to the recording screen to record your bug!

Attach Files

A screenshot only shows so much. Sometimes there are console errors, design files, descriptions, etc. that should be attached to a bug. We allow the user to upload files to attach to their bug. They will be sent along with the issue to the project management platform you have connected!

Set Milestones

When planning a project, we make heavy use of GitLab milestones. A lot of other project managers do as well. With that being said, we figured it’d be important to select the milestone bound to the current project the developer is fixing bugs for. We pull in the milestones automatically so as an authenticated user, you can select the milestone when you report a bug. We will continue to support this for every project management tool that supports a “milestone-like” functionality.

Apply Labels

Labels help to ensure the project’s issues stay organized and the project manager can see right where everything is at quickly. We tend to use labels such as “Blocked”, “Waiting on More Input”, etc. to help organize our project. In the .3 release of Bugflow we now support tagging a bug with as many labels as necessary to ensure the efficiency of your workflow.

Example of Bugflow labels being applied to an issue

Bug Fixes

We’ve also fixed a variety of bugs, most of those which were recorded with Bugflow. It’s great to use the product to build the product!

  • Optimized GitLab Callbacks - Ensured code reusability by organizing complex GitLab callbacks into small pieces
  • Pressing Esc cancels a reporting of a bug.
  • Extended cookie time so users can stay logged in longer.
  • Recorded actions on all GitLab events so you can re-build the path of the bug from reporting to completion.
  • Updated security on reporting issues

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    Dan Pastori
    Jay Rogers